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When you choose Bunker Group, you’re choosing a hack proof system with full insurance and access to physical precious metals.

Unique options

The real time access price guarantee you the same price between the moment you click on buy and the moment your purchase is effective. This is a big advantage when you use the market order option to buy precious metals.
Also Bunker group is the only one platform which can offer the limit order option with a real time access for buying physical bars.
The monthly order is the feature who fits for somebody who wants to invest each month the same amount of money. This is a really useful feature offered by bunker Group.

Buying Physical Metals

We are the only bullion dealer who offers you a direct connection to the physical market. The other websites who pretend to give you a direct market access are in fact selling you a sort of paper metal, like an ETF, or a shared piece of metal. If you don’t have the number curved in the bar that you bought, it means that you did not buy physical allocated metal. Bunker Group offers you the direct market access to buy your physical bar.

Transparent Fees

As a result, our fee is fully transparent, you buy at the price that you really want to buy, and we can offer unique order types, like the limit order and the monthly orders.

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