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Why should you buy silver bullion?

As a precious metal, silver has great diversification potential in an investment portfolio. Indeed, unlike gold bars, silver bars are more volatile. That's why it can bring performance to your portfolio when associated with a gold investment without risking your investment loss. In the current and future economy investment in silver is a guarantee of growth. Indeed the main future industrial products use silver abundantly in their production. The rapid development of solar energy through photovoltaic panels is one of the concrete examples of the use of silver.

Buy Silver Bars vs. Silver Coins

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When buying silver bars or silver coins profitability is an important factor to take into account. Silver bars usually have a lower cost and a greater gain than silver coins. Indeed, in the market, the purchase of silver coins is considered a purchase of collection. The silver coins therefore have an own price which has nothing to do with the actual value of pure silver. This (premium) price is therefore necessarily higher than the real price of silver. This system works as long as the collectors estimate this or that piece of gold or silver. However, in the event of a crisis, investors no longer look at the collection of such or such gold or silver coins. What interests them is to get pure gold at the market price and no matter what series of the collection. So bars with a cheaper premium are a perfect option for an investor and the low weight of some bars (100 grams of silver ingots) makes them easy to sell on the international gold market.

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