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We have a dedicated sales team which is fully committed to answer your questions within the shortest possible period of time. Normally everything is feasible from the platform, but if you have any concern or any question, it is very important to us that we reply to you right away, or within a maximum of 24 hours.

Client reviews

Your service is excellent. I placed a limit order, and as soon as the market touched my price, I got executed. I received an email right away, and I did not had to do anything. My order was executed as I wanted, and I did not have to watch it.

Ben, Singapore

I spent many years looking for a bullion dealer with decent prices in silver in Asia, until I found you [Bunker group]. Your prices are the best I found so far.

Peter, France

Very good customer attention. Your vault is very impressive. I do recommend this company to buy your physical precious metals.

Alexandra, Singapore

It was impossible for me to find a platform to place limit orders. Either there were private banks, but the minimum amount for an order was far too high, or there were classic bullion dealers, but the limit orders were not handled, and I could not access the real time market. You [Bunker-Group] are the only platform where I can access the market in full transparence, and where I can place limit orders for any size.

John, Hong Kong

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