Bailment Agreement

Bunker-Group Pte. Ltd. is a Singaporean based company (ACRA number 201509181R) which provides bailment facility for its clients, which means that the precious metals are the sole property of the client once sold to them.

About our Bailing System

Bunker-Group acts as a bailor and stores the bars on behalf of its clients. The clients can claim their bars at any time, and the bars will be shipped to them. In the event of Bunker-Group going bankrupt, the bars would remain full property of its clients.

About our Stock

Bunker Group buys large stocks of bars at very competitive prices and sell them in small pieces. The bars are already bought and in our vaults before you buy them. We transfer the ownership from Bunker Group to you.

Scope of action

Bunker-Group is not a financial institution and it does not provide financial services. Bunker-Group only sales and stores precious metals. Bunker-Group is outside of the banking system, but it can still benefit from the tax exemption of the purchase of the precious metals.

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