We provide world-class security

Singapore : the best location

Reliable third parties

Le FreePort

Le FreePort owns the vaults facility and ensures all the security with full time guards, and cameras in every corner monitored by an independent company based in Hong Kong. The level of security is one of the highest in the world. Even if an incident occurs, there will be a full video record of what happened.


Malca-Amit monitors all our inventory, conducts a weekly audit of the bars, and issues an independent email which is sent directly to you in case one of your bar is moved. Even if a bar would get stolen, the maximum length to notice it would be one week. No employee at Bunker-Group can move a bar without you being informed by email right away. Every instruction made is tracked.

A hack proof system


The bank and delivery information cannot be modified online. Even if your account is compromised the bars or the money would come back to you.


We use 3 segregated databases and offline backups. Integrity is checked for every order, delivery, credit or withdrawal operation.


In case of any discrepancy in the system, we would require to reach you in person to clarify the situation.

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