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Buy Physical Gold in Singapore

You are considering buying gold for the first time or would like to learn more about it? At Bunker Group, we offer the best price on the market, as well as the best storage costs when buying gold bars and coins. This allows us to be among the most competitive in Singapore and the rest of the world.
To ensure their purity and authenticity, all our gold ingots are purchased directly from the worldwide major LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certified refiners.

Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars

The Swiss-German firm is the largest global provider in the precious metals industry recognized in almost all countries and institutions (LBMA, LPPM, Comex…).

Metalor Gold Bars

From 1918, Metalor SA manufactures precious metals in Switzerland. Since then, these investment products are manufactured in conformity with renowned Swiss excellence.

Nadir Gold Bars

Nadir Metal Rafineri is a well established Turkish refinery operating in the precious metal business for more than 50 years.

American Buffalo Gold Coins

The American Buffalo coin is a 24-carat bullion coin first offered by the US Mint in 2006.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

The Gold Maple Leaf is the Royal Canadian Mint’s signature product internationally recognised.

Why Buy Gold Bars?

Buying gold is an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio and minimize risk. Gold is a currency recognized around the world for its value and it is the investor's most secure bet. It has been over 6,000 years since humans adopted gold as a trade currency. What other currency can boast of such longevity of trust? None. And this is even more striking when compared with paper currencies that have constantly experienced devaluation and disappearance since their existence.
While some prefer to invest in gold coins, at Bunker Group, we are fully focused on selling gold bars in order to offer the lowest prices on the market.

Buy Gold Bullions vs. Gold Coins

By deciding to buy gold bars or gold coins, profitability is an important factor to take into account. Gold bars usually have lower costs and greater gain than coins. Indeed, on the market, gold coins are considered as collectibles. Therefore they have a price of their own, which has nothing to do with the actual value of pure gold. This price (premium) is therefore necessarily higher than the real price of gold.

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