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When I buy gold, silver or platinum from Bunker Gold&Silver, is it physical bullion or paper precious metals?

We are the only bullion dealer who offers you a direct connection to the physical market. The other websites who pretend to give you a direct market access are in fact selling you a sort of paper metal, like an ETF, or a shared piece of metal. If you don’t have the number curved in the bar that you bought, it means that you did not buy physical allocated metal. Bunker Group offers you the direct market access to buy your physical bar.

Do I own the bullion I buy from Bunker Gold&Silver?

Indeed, each precious metal bullion purchased from us is allocated directly to our customers through our innovative online platform, which systematically allocates you a bar with a serial number. Each bar belongs to a unique client. We do not fraction a bar with many client holding a part of the bars.

Do I have to pay taxes if I want to rapatriate my bullion in my home country?

It depends on the country where you are going to store your ingots. If this country applies taxes on precious metals, you will have to declare your ingots and pay taxes at the custom.

How many grams are in a troy Ounce?

There is 0,03110347679 grams in 1 Toz

Do my ingots come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

Every bullion you buy with Bunker Gold&Silver comes with a certificate of authenticity. Bunker buys directly from reputed refineries which are LBMA certified.

Do I have to pay taxes and/or GST on precious metals in Singapore?

Every Bunker's Precious Metals including Gold, silver and Platinum bars are exempted from GST in Singapore since they completely fulfill the Investment Precious Metals (IPM) Qualifying Criteria.
For more details on IPM Qualifying Criteria, please refer to Customs Singapore and IRAS Singapore

Is there a minimum quantity (gold, silver or platinum bar) to buy?

We sell fully allocated bars on our platform. For gold and platinum, the smallest bars weigh 100g and for silver 1 kg.

What brand of bullion do you sell?

Our main Refinery brands are : Gold (Argor Heraeus, Metalor), Silver (Nadir, Argor Heraeus), Platinum (Argor Heraeus, Valcambi)

Can we sell back the gold at any time?

Yes, after your purchase you can sell the bar whenever you want. Kindly note that Bunker has no obligation to buy back the bars. It's a service that we offer.

When I sell back, do I sell back to Bunker Gold & Silver or others customer from the platform?

You sell your bullion to Bunker. You do not have to wait for others customers on the platform to buy. Kindly note that Bunker has no obligation to buy back the bars. It's a service that we offer.

Is the insurance included in the purchase price of the gold? What does the insurance include?

Yes, all bullion is fully insured. The insurance mainly includes theft, loss and damages of the bars. Acts of God or special circumstances (earthquake, civil war....), are not covered.

How long to sell the bullion and get the money?

For amounts below 2 millions, Bunker buys back on the spot and transfers you the money as soon as requested. For amounts above two millions, our partners refineries buy back the bars. The payment to the client is usually made in 3-5 days.

What is the Difference between Cast bars and Minted bars ?

The Cast bars molding process is less precise than the minted bars. Indeed, Minted bars are more beautiful with finer design details. However, Cast bars are unique, no two bars are identical.

What does"Chain of Integrity" mean?

The "Chain of Integrity" is an important part of the bullion infrastructure that ensures that you buy high quality and purity of Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion.

How do you use our personal informations?

All customer information is for Bunker Group purposes only. We do not communicate to any third parties (Marketing companies, tax authorities...) your details, and your holdings.

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