FAQ - Pricing

Do you charge an annual administration fee? If so, how much?

We have no management fees or account fees. Bunker has two types of fees: transactional fees (when you purchase) and storage fees.

Do you charge a sales fee? A commission on the sale?

We do not take any fees or discounts when you sell back to us. The minimum price you can sell to us is the market price.

What is the real price of Bunker Group's gold bars?

The prices of our gold bars and all our precious metals are totally transparent.
For fixing orders with USD accounts: Gold = spot price + 0.8% ; for Silver = spot price + 4% ; for Platinum = spot price + 3.5%
For fixing orders with other currencies accounts: Gold = spot price + 0.75% ; for Silver = spot price + 3.2% ; for Platinum = spot price + 2.7%

Are the Fees Transparent?

When you purchase your ingot from Bunker Gold&Silver, there is no hidden fees. For more details, please refer to pricing

Do you charge for the ingot certificates you provide? If so, how much?

All the ingots comes automatically with certificates of Authenticity. Bunker do not charge the certificates.

How much do you buy back my gold bullion?

Bunker Gold&Silver only buys back precious metals respecting the chain of Integrity in order to maintain the most competitive prices in the market.
For USD accounts, We buyback Gold bars at spot price -0.25% ; for Silver = spot price - 2% ; for Platinum = spot price - 2.5%
For other currencies accounts, We buyback Gold bars at spot price +0.1% ; for Silver = spot price + 1.3% ; for Platinum = spot price + 1.3%

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