FAQ - Payment

With which currency can I buy gold bullion?

You can credit your Bunker Account with 2 currencies: USD & SGD

What are the bank charges for local (SG) and international transfers?

For local transfers from our UOB bank Account: Giro = 0.20 SGD / Fast = 0.50 SGD
For International transfers from our UOB bank Account: 1/8%, min. S$10 >max. S$300 plus cable charges plus agent charges if any

What is the cost for one of your customers of an international bank transfer made by Bunker to his bank account?

This depends on the fees charged by your bank as the recipient bank.

What is the cost for one of your customers to make an international bank transfer to a Bunker bank account?

Bunker does not charge for bank transfers. The difference between funds sent by customers and those received on the platform are the fees charged by the banks. Ask your banks for transfers rates.

What kind of payment does Bunker Group accept?

We only accept payment via bank transfer. Bank Transfers are processed within our Operating Hours (Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm). Transfers done outside of our Operating Hours will only be processed on the next business day.

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