Delivery and storage of precious metals at competitive prices

At Bunker Group, we have customers all over the world, who can either choose to store their bars with us or ship them to their respective countries. You have the flexibility to choose between these two options when buying your gold and silver bars with us.

Absolute Security with low Storage Fees

We offer cheaper costs of storage for silver and gold than our competitors. Moreover, we don’t have any hidden fees and our storage is fully insured. The fees are a percentage of your precious metals value.

Currently, we offer per year the following competitive storage fees for storing gold, silver and platinum:

For example, if you have a gold bars value of 100 000 USD, the cost of storage fees will be 300 USD for a full year.

Ship your Silver and Gold Anywhere in the World

You can either choose to store your silver and gold with us or we can ship it to wherever you are in the world. We won’t take any commission on the delivery, but you will have to pay the cost of the courier yourself. We cannot provide an exhaustive fee of delivery for all the countries in the world, but you can contact us and we’ll let you know the exact cost.

Here’s an idea of the costs involved from Singapore to London:
USD 510 + 0.04% of liability value + USD 34 / kg

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.

Comparison with competitors