Buy and sell your gold, silver and platinum bars online

Our platform is easy and straightforward to use. Set the amount of money for which you wish to buy gold bars, the platform will provide all the rest.

You will buy physical bars online directly allocated to you. The amount executed will be rounded down to the nearest number of physical bars to match your desired amount. The chart on the left of the screen will show you the real time price, or a larger scale if you wish, so it will help you decide on which price you want to buy bullion gold.

Buying Gold and Silver by sending a Market Order

A "market order" is designed for somebody who wants to buy precious metal right now at the current market price. This "market order" will hit the market real time at the moment that you click on the "buy" button and then "confirm".

Enter the amount maximum of currency that you want to buy precious metals for, and click on the "buy" button. The platform will then round down your amount to the nearest number of physical bars, and allocate those bars to you.

Example: you want to buy 100,000 USD gold bars and there are bars of 100g each for a value of 3,500 USD each. The platform will propose you to buy 28 bars, which will be an amount of 98,000 USD. You will buy only 98,000 USD. If you want to buy Gold Bullion bars further, you will need to place another order.

The price is based on the spot price also called the paper price. This is the electronic price of the metal shared instantaneously over the world. We give you a real time access to this price.

The premium for physical is the extra margin that you will pay to buy physical gold and silver bars. This includes the commission that Bunker-Group takes. To see at what price you can sell physical bars please go to our fees versus competitors.

Buying Gold and Silver by sending a Limit Order

A limit order is an unique feature from Bunker Group
It’s designed for somebody who wants to buy bars at the price the decide without constantly examining the charts prices.
You enter at what the price you want to buy bars you click on the « buy »button and when the chart price hit your price, your purchase is done automatically by the platform.

Example: you want to buy 100,000 USD gold bars at the price of 1250 USD/OZ but now the charts price is 1255USD/OZ. So you enter your whishing price in the form ( 1250 USD/OZ) and when the charts price is going down from 1255USD/OZ to 1250 USD/OZ, the order will be executed.

Programming a Monthly Order

A monthly order is designed for somebody who wants to buy the same amount of precious every month. By using this functionality, you’ll be able to buy gold bars or silver bars monthly.

Selling Your Bars

The sell functionality works in total symmetry with the buy. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Select your metal: Gold/Silver/Platinum
  2. Select your order type: Market/Limit/Monthly
  3. Fill the quantities, possibly the price and the date
  4. Click "Sell"

When you enter the amount, the platform will use the same algorithm as the buy to round down your amount to sell your bars. You can sell gold bars or sell physical bars of other precious metals at best prices.